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Wrist watch dealers in Nigeria are many but not all of them have different wrist watches brand that you may be looking to buy. My question is, what is your purpose for looking for a good watch shop? or better still, why are you interested in finding a good wrist watch dealer in Nigeria? Before looking into that question, let us remind ourselves of who a watch dealer is.

A watch dealer is a person, an organization or an entity that sells wrist watches on behalf of watch manufacturers.

First thing to remember when buying a wrist watch from a reputable dealer is that you will be buying an original piece of jewellery; not only will you get quality from them, but also be getting value for money.

The good thing today is that we now have a lot of these wrist watch dealers to choose from. In fact, almost all of them have both online store and offline store where you can buy your watch from. In other words, you can now buy from the comfort of your home, office, on-the-go with your mobile phone or visit their brick and mortar store.

To answer the questions in paragraph one above, majority of us are looking to find a good watch dealer in the country for different reasons that fall into any of the following category:

  • Buy for self.
  • Wrist Watch as a gift.
  • Wholesalers.
  • Retailers – Affiliate or Drop-shipping.

Without taking too much of your time, let us look at each of the reasons why people buy wrist watches from dealers.

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Wrist Watch Dealers have various customers

Buy For Self

As a fashion accessory, you will agree with me that wrist watch worn by individuals sometimes speak a lot about who that individual is. Yes, this is true in most cases. Therefore, majority of us look for various deals when it comes to shopping for wrist watches; in the light of this, our best bet is to shop from any of the recognized original wrist watch seller in the country.

Wrist Watch as a Gift

Similarly, more than half of people that buy wrist watches buy them as a gift for loved ones. Watches mean different things to different people. For this reason, I will quickly dive into reasons why wrist watches are good gift; for both men and women.

To a man presenting the watch gift to a woman, it means:
  • I appreciate every single second spent with you.
  • My time is precious to me and I am to devote that time to the lady.
  • I declare to you that we are together every single second of the day.
For a woman presenting the watch gift to a man, it means:
  • Expression of wonderful time spent together.
  • “Your time is my time” and “My time is your time”.
  • I treasure every single second of our time together.

Therefore, if you think deeply about the three most precious gift you ever given to a loved one, probability that a watch is one of them is high.


While more than half of wristwatch buyers buy to use (for themselves), many others buy to resell. In addition, selling as a wholesaler is a profitable business. In fact, selling wristwatches as a wholesaler is listed to be one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. Even though, the percentage of customers that buy wrist watches from watch dealers in Nigeria is not high; uniquely, they constitute an important part of the watch distribution chain.

Retailers – Affiliate or Drop-Shipping

By the same token, affiliates and drop-shippers are important customers to wrist watch dealers. These two sets of customers usually sell dealers’ products to the end users. As a matter of fact, they are an important part of the supply chain for most of the dealers. In the long run, each and every customer group mentioned above are important to Nigeria wrist watch dealers; therefore, they deserve to receive value for money (either directly or indirectly).

List of Wrist Watch Dealers in Nigeria

Some of the Nigerian watch sellers do call themselves a dealer. The question is – are they really a dealer? or better still, do they truly have the license to sell original wrist watch brands? Thus, let us look into some of the watch sellers in the country.

1. Maybrands

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I am starting the list with Maybrands because I have bought watches from them before; not only that, but also referred customers to them. Maybrands is a licensed wrist watch dealer in Nigeria; selling different brands of original designer wrist watches to the Nigerian community.

Mode of Selling:

Online – Yes. With the Maybrands Online Shop, you have varieties of designer watches to choose from; making the company one of the largest online wrist watch dealers in Nigeria.

Offline – Yes, they have over twelve physical shops in different states of the country where you can buy your next wrist watch from.

Brands Sold includes:

  • Fossil.
  • Michael Kors.
  • Chaps.
  • Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Hugo Boss and many more.

Affiliate Program: Yes.

Drop-Shipping: No.

2. Watchaven Company

A company established in 2010, the company is a Nigerian one-stop online shop for selection of designer watches. Identically, the company also have a wide selection of products including but not limited to Men & Women’s wrist watches, kiddies watches, sunglasses and many more, bringing them right to your doorstep.

Mode of Selling Online: –

Online – Yes. Similarly, Watchaven has an online shop where you can buy various designer watches.

Offline – Yes, Watchaven has a brick and mortar store.

Brands Sold are:

Affiliate Program: Yes.

Drop-Shipping: No.

3. Timekeepers International Limited

In like manner, Timekeepers was established in 2009; a year before Watchhaven. The company was set up as one of the Nigeria wrist watch dealers with the aim of importing designer for the use of the Nigerian community.

Mode of Selling:

Online – Timekeepers has an online wrist watch shop dedicated to selling watches to Nigerians and other users. Offline – Presently, Timekeepers International Limited has about eleven stores spread across the country.

Brands Sold are:

  • Police.
  • Guess.
  • Sekonda.
  • French Connection.
  • Cerruti

Affiliate Program: No.

Drop-Shipping: No.

4. Timeless Nigeria

Unlike Maybrands, Timekeepers and Watchaven, Timeless is an online retail store that is dedicated to offering original top European designer wrist watches to their customers.

Mode of Selling

Online – Yes. In fact, Timeless Nigeria is mainly an online ONLY watch retailer.

Offline – No.

Brands Sold are:

  • Hugo Boss.
  • Accurist.
  • Seiko.
  • Citizen.
  • Casio.

Affiliate Program: No.

Drop-Shipping: No.

5. Watch Galleries

In like manner as Timeless Nigeria, Watch Galleries stated that they are “the agent of the most famous brands”. That is to say that they are not one of the wrist watch dealers in Nigeria; but only an agent that sell original brand watches in Nigeria.

Mode of Selling:

Online – Yes, the company sell through their online watch shop to Nigeria. Offline – Yes, we should count up to six store locations on their website.

Brands Sold are:

  • Calvin Klein.
  • Citizen.
  • Accurist.
  • Timex.
  • Tissot

Affiliate Program: No.

Drop-Shipping: No.


As shown above, there are limited numbers of wrist watch dealers in Nigeria that has direct links to watch manufacturers. Nevertheless, there are more than enough agents/retail companies that sell these product. As can be seen, these companies have various brand of watches to choose from.

Whenever it comes to buying an original designer wrist watch, you can shop online from your choice watch dealers in Nigeria. Not only are you buying from an accredited brand dealer, but also guaranteed to buy an authentic product from them.  

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