The Mobvoi TicWatch line of smartwatches offers a little something for everyone. When it’s time to pick just one smartwatch for all your needs, you will have your work cut out and that is why this article helps you choose the top TicWatch smartwatches in 2020.

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The TicWatch Pro tops the pack with loads of features, great battery life as well as a gorgeous dual-display system. There are a lot of other excellent options that we would bring to your notice in this article.

1. TicWatch S2: The TicWatch S2 is designed for an outdoor lifestyle and you will not find much better than it. Thus, it would allow the watch to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, water, and dust. There is no adventure too tough for the S2 as it can go anywhere you go. When you combine this level of durability to the S2’s unlimited tracking abilities, swim monitoring, an inbuilt GPS, heart rate sensor, and sleep tracking, you would love the S2.

Its proactive sport modes allow you to keep going at your own pace without having to slow down and mess with your watch. The TicWatch S2 is powered by TicMotion, which is Mobvoi’s suite of proprietary AI algorithms. Simply get going and the S2 will follow suit.

The TicWatch S2 Smartwatch
The TicWatch S2

2. TicWatch Pro: The TicWatch Pro is the crème de la crème of the TicWatch smartwatches. The TicWatch Pro’s unbelievable battery life, and tons of fitness tracking perks, the TicWatch Pro does it all. One of its many features that stands out is the uniquely brilliant display.

The TicWatch Pro uses layered display technology, which helps extend the battery life even more. In Smart Mode, you have your usual AMOLED display with the LCD panel filling in the blanks, which gives you around 2 to 5 days of battery. In Essential Mode, you will have the LCD display without any color, which focuses on your fitness with high sunlight visibility and up to 30 days of battery. When it comes to features and tracking, there are a lot of features to unpack. For starters, you will love having NFC for Google Pay on your wrist. There is also a built-in GPS, a heart rate sensor, ambient light sensor, smartphone notifications, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more.

The TicWatch Pro 2020

3. TicWatch E: The TicWatch E is what we would like to call the beginner’s wear because it’s a basic and reasonable option. The TicWatch E is not as bulky as some of the other models, yet it still brings with it some of the main reasons that people invest in a smartwatch. It has an inbuilt GPS system and a heart rate sensor. You can track walks, runs, rides, and strength training with Google Fit and your preferred fitness apps. If you are not particularly fond of Google Fit or any other fitness apps, you can always rely on the TicHealth app for further insight into your exercise and activity.

The TicWatch E Smartwatch
The TicWatch E

You can get either any of the TicWatch smartwatches here at very affordable prices. They also come with a 2 years warranty (terms and conditions apply).

If you are still caught in two minds about why you need a Smartwatch in 2020, then read our article titled “Is buying a Smartwatch a wise decision in 2020?”. If you have never used one before, I bet you are already convinced on why you should have one now! You can shop for one right away here.

From my experience, if you are a fan of flexibility, mobility, and ease of use, there is nothing better than a smartwatch to keep you connected. The TicWatch variants offer you that and even more.

You can either shop online with us here or visit any of our physical stores located closest to you here and buy the smartwatch that fits you most.

Have any questions? Leave a comment down below or over on our contact page. We promise to get back to you promptly!

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