Armani Exchange Silver Gray Dames Horloge Moonphase Multifunction Stainless Steel Women’s Dress Watch AX5585


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The A|X Ladies Watches Dames Horloge Moonphase AX5585 is equipped with a quartz timepiece. This beautiful dial is grey and is covered with high-quality mineral glass.

The watch strap is made of stainless steel.

With this beautiful watch, you will always know the right time every day!

At Maybrands, you have a wide choice of the finest watch brands for your unique look. Go for a watch that suits you and enjoy it for years!

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Armani Exchange is a popular fashion brand known for its stylish clothing and accessories, including watches.

If you’re looking for Armani Exchange watches, you can find a variety of options on their official website or at authorized Armani Exchange retailers.

To explore their collection of watches, you can visit the Watches category and navigate to the “Armani Exchange” section. There, you’ll find a range of wristwatches in different styles, colours, and designs.

You can browse through the options and select the one that suits your preferences.

Additionally, you can also check out other popular online retailers and watch stores that carry Armani Exchange watches.

When shopping for an Armani Exchange watch, make sure to consider factors such as the watch’s style, size, features, and price to find the one that best fits your needs and personal style.

Can ladies wear big watches?

  • Yes, ladies can absolutely wear big watches if they like the style and feel comfortable with them. Watch sizes are a matter of personal preference, and many women prefer larger watch faces for a bold and trendy look.

Are There AX Ladies’ wristwatch with bracelet:

  • Yes, Aramnai Exchange ladies’ wristwatch with a bracelet are very much available for sale like this;
    Emporio Armani Two-hand Leather Ladies Watch AR11149Emporio Armani Two-hand Leather Ladies Watch AR11149
  • These bracelets can be made of various materials like stainless steel, gold, or silver, and they add a touch of elegance to the watch.

Are A|X women’s watches available in Maybrands?

  • Yes, A|X, also known as Armani Exchange, offers a range of women’s watches. Armani Exchange is a popular fashion brand that includes watches in its collection, featuring various styles to suit different tastes. Maybrands is an authorized dealer of the Armani Exchange Watch brand due to its partnership with Fossil Group.

What is the price of an A|X women’s watch?

  • N200k+ Nigerian Naira, As of Sept 2023 the price of an A|X Ladies Watches can vary widely depending on the specific model, materials used, and any additional features or branding. To find the current prices, you can check with authorised retailers, the brand’s official website, or online marketplaces.

Which arm is suitable for wearing a ladies’ watch?

  • Left Hand, Although there’s no strict rule for which arm to wear a ladies’ watch. Most women wear their watches on their non-dominant hand’s wrist, which is usually the left wrist for right-handed individuals and the right wrist for left-handed individuals. However, it ultimately depends on your comfort and personal preference.

About Armani Exchange

The internationally acclaimed fashion designer Giorgio Armani introduced the Armani Exchange sub-brand in 1991, aiming to reach a broader global audience and draw inspiration from dance music and street-chic culture.

Armani Exchange watches cater to individuals who desire the freedom to express themselves through their clothing and accessories choices, embracing edgier fashion while maintaining a commitment to top-quality materials and design.

About Armani Exchange + Maybrands Nigeria

The Maybrands Armani Exchange collection encompasses a diverse range of timepieces for both men and women. It includes striking, oversized watches in gold, silver, and black, as well as more refined and elegant wristwatches.

Each watch prominently features the distinctive Armani Exchange logo as an integral part of its design.

The Armani brand is celebrated worldwide for its commitment to quality, high fashion, and the flamboyant style characteristic of Italian fashion.

Maybrands successfully brings this premium brand to a more accessible level without compromising its prestigious essence.

For an added touch of glamour, these watches pair beautifully with stunning silver jewellery from the Emporio Armani collection. Discover more about Emporio Armani in Nigeria.


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Stainless Steel










Stainless Steel



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